When the science of clear, natural sound meets the art of invisibility

At Manhattan Audiology, we believe that hearing is essential, and we also witness daily how the Phonak Lyric™ hearing aid benefited our patients in these times like never before. 

Now, more than ever hearing is crucial for your health and well-being. We’re here to ensure no one experiences social isolation during these times. Lyric is a completely different way to hear better. It is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid with key features including:

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100% Invisible - 24/7

Phonak’s Lyric is one of the most unique hearing aid devices on the market. An effective hearing solution for people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, it is a completely-in-canal hearing aid and is totally invisible. The Lyric is placed deeply in the ear canal by a specialist and can remain there for 24 hours a day and months at a time. This means you can sleep, shower, wear headphones, and much more with the device still in your ear. Designed for unrestricted living, the Lyric goes wherever you go and requires no maintenance or batteries to charge. 

Lyric hearing aids use advanced micro-engineering and the organic shape of one’s ear to capture and amplify sound without much processing. Lyric’s placement, deeply within the ear canal, utilizes ear anatomy to deliver clear and natural sound. Rather than collecting sound from microphones placed embedded in a hearing aid outside of the ear like traditional hearing aids, the Lyric collects sound deep within the ear canal. Natural sound enters the ear and travels to the eardrum, delivering pure and beautiful sound. This localizes sound, reduces feedback, and provides a full and natural listening experience. 

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Is Lyric™ right for you?

The Lyric is a great hearing solution for people with moderate to severe hearing loss who live active lifestyles. Major benefits offered by the Lyric include:
  • Comfortable

    The Lyric is made from a soft biocompatible material that is designed to contour the ear canal. This ensures a natural and comfortable fit. People can even forget they are wearing a hearing aid!

  • Enhanced sound quality

    Because the Lyric uses the acoustics of the ear, people hear natural sounds. This soundscape provides clear and high quality sound including one’s own voice for a natural listening experience.

  • Tinnitus Relief

    An estimated 10-15% of the population has tinnitus and a significant portion of cases go untreated. The Lyric can alleviate tinnitus and because it is worn 24/7, it provides relief during sleep which is a critical way that tinnitus affects health. This improves sleep quality, reduces irritability, and alleviates fatigue.

  • Can be worn in various settings

    You can wear the Lyric while engaging in sports, wearing earphones, in the shower, sleeping, exercising, etc.

  • Easy to use

    Once the device is inserted, it can be worn for months at a time. This prevents wearers from having to insert and remove the device overnight.

  • No maintenance

    Wearers do not have to change or recharge batteries.

Come in and “Test Drive” Lyric. Find out what makes Lyric a completely different way to hear better. Contact us to make an appointment today!
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