Hearing Aid Brands

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With countless hearing aids to choose from, navigating your options can be overwhelming.

Our specialists aim to pair you with a device that can easily integrate into your daily life and transform your hearing health. We work with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and have extensive expertise in the hearing aid models they produce.

As the hearing aid industry continues to innovate and produce new devices, our practice stays informed about the latest technologies so that we can recommend the most optimal device for you. With a range of options, styles, and features to choose from; your hearing needs can be met effectively and in style!

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Phonak is the largest hearing aid manufacturer and is based in Switzerland. Known for their innovations with digital hearing aids, Phonak introduced the first hearing aid device to use rechargeable batteries (in 2017). In 2018, Phonak released the first hearing aid equipped with Bluetooth technology. Phonak’s latest hearing aid models include the Naída Paradise and Lyric. The Naída Paradise contains Phonak’s PRISM processing chip which integrates Bluetooth technology and several programming features - tap controls, noise cancellation features, rechargeable battery, and more. 

The Lyric hearing aid is worn deep in the ear canal and is completely invisible. This hearing aid is inserted by a hearing healthcare specialist who places the device near the eardrum. It uses the anatomy of the ear to localize sounds as well as provide clear and natural sounds. It is designed to be worn round the clock and does not have to be removed while in the shower, engaging in physical activities, wearing headphones, etc.

Learn more about Lyric


The second-largest in the industry, Oticon is based in Denmark. They produced the first made for iPhone hearing aids in 2016 (Oticon OPN). Oticon’s latest hearing aid model is the Their Oticon More, released in 2021. This device uses Oticon technologies to provide full soundscapes, based on their research highlighting that the brain should be provided with more (rather than less) sound to process. This strategy is known as BrainHearing and Oticon has used it to produce algorithms that are designed to deliver more sound and high-quality sound. According to their research, the Oticon More delivers 30% more sound to the brain and increases speech understanding by 15%.


Widex is the third largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Founded in Denmark, Widex uses the latest technology to offer personalized settings. Their latest model is the Widex Moment which maximizes machine learning technology to program settings and automatically switch to those settings in specific environments. Known as SoundSense Learn, this feature allows the wearer to establish settings that are optimal for their hearing needs in different environments. The device then saves these settings and can switch to them automatically when it analyzes the environment the settings are meant for. The Widex Moment also utilizes zero-delay and pure sound technologies to process sound signals quickly. This delivers clear and natural sound without delay or feedback noise.


Signia produces sleekly designed hearing aids that are equipped with the latest technology. Their latest (2021) model is the Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aid. This is an in-the-ear hearing aid that is worn in the ear canal. These rechargeable hearing aids offer the following key features: Android and iPhone connectivity, AI assistant, and a customized fit. 

Signia also makes the Styletto Connect which completely revamps behind the ear hearing aids. This device comes with a pocket-sized portable charging case that provides a 3-day charge. The sleek design also comes in different colors and the device offers a range of features including  Bluetooth connectivity,  tinnitus management features, and an app to personalize your hearing experience. 


ReSound produced the first hearing aid device that was made for the iPhone. Their latest model is the LiNX Quattro which has several industry-leading features that are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Their new processing chip offers more speed and twice the memory capacity, supporting enhanced performance. This includes providing a wider range of sounds that are processed and delivered free of any distortion. The LiNX Quattro also offers Bluetooth connectivity, a portable rechargeable unit, and comes with a smartphone app where features can be managed. Additionally, the device is available in various hearing aid styles including receiver in the ear, behind the ear, and completely in the canal types.


Another leading hearing aid manufacturer, one of Starkey’s latest hearing aid models is the Livio. This is the first device to use artificial intelligence technology as well as integrated sensors to manage comprehensive activity-tracking features, supporting wearers with practicing a healthier lifestyle. This includes monitoring steps, activity, movement, social engagement, hours spent actively listening, etc. to provide a snapshot of your brain and body health. In addition to wellness tracking, the Livio offers Bluetooth connectivity, tap controls to make adjustments with a simple tap on the devices, a rechargeable battery, a smartphone app where features can be managed, and a mask mode features that help filter sound to better hear speech through masks.